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We value the best of our fields to offer you healthy and good fruit and vegetables all year round, without preservatives, artificial colorings or flavors.

Jams & Marmalades.

Our jams and marmalades are prepared only with fresh seasonal fruit harvested at the perfect degree of ripeness and a little brown sugar. Thanks to the vacuum cooking at low temperatures, we preserve the natural taste of fresh fruit, thus obtaining genuine products without preservatives and artificial colorings and with a very high percentage of fruit.

100% fruit creams.

With a velvety texture, they are ideal for desserts and healthy breakfasts. They contain only fresh fruit and sugars from fruit. Without preservatives, without artificial colorings and without added pectin.

Compotes 0% added sugars.

Why a compote with 0% added sugar?
We have created a line of fruit-only compotes with 0 added sugars, for those who only want the sugars already present in fruit: a choice of well-being and flavour, from our orchards to your table.

Tomato sauce.

We grow our tomatoes following the principles of integrated pest management and only when they have reached the perfect degree of ripeness are they picked by us and immediately processed. This is the secret of our fresh tomato puree: traceability, very short supply chain and authentic taste.

Sauces & Vegetable creams.

From the artisanal processing of fresh vegetables, we obtain delicious condiments and tasty creams to be used in the kitchen for the simplest or most innovative recipes.

Mustards & Compotes.

Fresh fruit and vegetables processed in an artisanal way with few genuine ingredients, without additives and without preservatives. Our compotes and mustards with a delicate taste are perfect paired with cheeses or traditional dishes.

The single doses.

Our artisanal jams with fresh fruit and no added pectin, in single-dose format.
Ideal for hotels, farmhouses, B&Bs or simply to taste the natural goodness of our jams.

100% Fruit Juices.

Corradi 100% fruit juices, genuine and natural, are made only with fresh fruit grown by us, without added sugars, without preservatives and without artificial colorings.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

A blend of olives from Basilicata grown in our olive groves, hand-picked and cold-pressed. The intense and fruity flavor of our extra virgin olive oil contains all the scents and emotions of the land from which it is born.

In oil & Sweet and sour vegetables.

Products made with the best fresh and tasty raw materials, coming from our fields or from trusted farms. For long-lasting enjoyment of the freshness of vegetables.

Pasta & Flour.

All the nutritional value of a pasta produced with cereals grown in our farm in a sustainable way and exclusively in Italy. The result is an artisanal pasta, natural and healthy, bronze drawn and dried at low temperatures.


The selection of craft beers produced with our cereals and vegetables: “Amber” with radicchio, “Blonde” and “Double malt” with barley, “White” with wheat and “Ipa” rich in precious hops.

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