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Agricultural company.

Greenhouses to protect, orchards full of bees, sun-kissed fields:
welcome to our countryside.

We are a modern agricultural reality.

Our farm was born in Loreggia in the eighties from our father Elio's desire to enhance the family fields worked by grandfather Corrado.

Farming knowledge has always gone hand in hand with entrepreneurial intuitions. We were among the first in Veneto to grow salads in greenhouse to offer them continuously in the agri-food markets of northern Italy. Together with some partners, our father Elio founded the OrtoRomi Agricultural Cooperative dedicated to the cultivation, washing and packaging of salads in bags.

In 1999 our family arrived in Marcon in the province of Venice, where over the years we have built 25 hectares of greenhouses with a view to water and energy sustainability. Rain water to irrigate, energy from the sun to refresh, integrated pest management to limit the use of unnatural substances as much as possible.

orchards - Corradi Agricultural company

In 2016 we opened Bottega in Campo, the shop located inside our Marcon greenhouses to offer the territory fresh fruit and vegetables from short, controlled and guaranteed supply chains. Respecting the season, we have always produced jams, marmalades and preserves, in order to enhance nature and preserve it for the months to come.

After purchasing land in Basilicata, where our father Elio now grows citrus fruits and first fruits, in 2022 we inaugurated a modern and efficient artisan workshop for the production of processed products with our fruit and vegetables, Corradi products, which represent our entire supply chain, from cultivation to jar.

coltivazioni azienda agricola corradi

We are deeply rooted in the land.

Once peasant families had a nickname. And ours was "the Corradi" in memory of our grandfather Corrado Pelosin, who passed on to our father Elio the love for the land, and to us, Fabio and Elisabetta, the awareness that only by combining tradition and innovation is it possible to grow vegetables and fruit in a sustainable way.

Our sustainable cultivation.

The orchards

Our orchards in Marcon are SQNPI certified (National Integrated Production Quality System). With our fresh apples we also produce genuine juice, made only of apples and nothing else, and delicious jams, adding only brown sugar and lots of other delicious fresh fruit.
frutteti - azienda agricola corradi

The Greenhouses

Our greenhouses are under your eyes. With daily care and strict transparency, here we grow baby leaf salads and many vegetables, which are put on sale at Bottega in Campo within a few hours of harvesting or transformed in our workshop into delicious vegetable preserves.
serre azienda agricola corradi

The olive groves

In Basilicata our father Elio takes care of the olive groves that have flourished for decades in the fertile Bernalda countryside. With olives, hand-picked and cold-pressed, we obtain an authentic and genuine extra virgin olive oil. Next to the olive trees we have also planted a vineyard.
oliveti azienda agricola corradi

Basilicata citrus grove

In our citrus grove in Basilicata we grow oranges in a natural way. This allows us to use fresh citrus fruits also to produce genuine jams and artisanal juices, which are real juices of only oranges, without water or added sugars.
agrumeto azienda agricola corradi

The fields

In our fields we grow seasonal vegetables, which are sold in the shop and enhanced in genuine preserves and compotes: tomato puree, vegetable creams, in oil, in vinegar and sweet and sour vegetables, to taste the goodness of our harvest throughout the year.
i campi di azienda agricola corradi

The cereals

Durum wheat, spelt and wheat become stone-ground flours. Skilled hands create with them pasta, bread and biscuits with an authentic taste. From our barley and wheat we also obtain artisanal, genuine and agricultural beers, just like us.
cereali azienda agricola corradi

Our numbers.


Hectares of open-field cultivations.


Quintals of radicchio harvested in one year.


Years of experience in the cultivation of the land.


Different varieties of fruit and vegetables grown in Corradi.

From Veneto to Basilicata, here are our cultivations.

Since the eighties we have been growing vegetables and fruit in the province of Padua, in the breezy Venetian hinterland and in the Treviso countryside. From 2020 we have chosen to cultivate citrus fruits, olive trees and first fruits from the garden in the sun-kissed land of Basilicata. In our laboratory in Loreggia (PD) we transform in an artisanal way the fresh fruit and vegetables that arrive directly from our fields and orchards or from trusted farms.

Work with us.

The professionals who contribute to the proper functioning of an agricultural company are very diverse and specialized. Almost a hundred people work in Corradi, including agronomists, agricultural workers, food technologists, office workers, shop assistants, sales staff, laboratory workers, maintenance workers, cooks. What do they have in common? The passion for what they do.

coltivazioni di insalatina azienda agricola corradi
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