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Environment and sustainability.

Protection and care are the first forms of love for the land and for future generations.

The integrated pest management as a choice.

In the fields, greenhouses and orchards we practice integrated pest management, that is, we use natural and sustainable agricultural techniques such as green manure, false seed bed, flame weeding. We use natural compost and valorise antagonistic insects to defeat parasites, because nature is our ally.

Fire is a natural element used in agriculture since ancient times. With modern, controlled and safe means, we practice flame weeding to eliminate possible infestations and to sterilize the land in a natural way between one sowing and another.

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Concrete choices for true sustainability.

Rainwater flows into our collection basins built between the greenhouses which, mixed with that of our well, is used to water our crops only when they really need it. Because every drop of water is precious, for us and for the planet.

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The sun powers our photovoltaic system which transforms its rays into clean and renewable energy, to power the refrigeration of the Bottega in Campo, the storage warehouses, our processing laboratories and the electrical machinery we use in the greenhouses.

When it is very cold, in the greenhouses we use an innovative underground heating system powered by a latest generation boiler that uses wood chips as fuel, deriving from natural waste from wood processing.

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The sun gives us clean energy.

We have chosen to enhance the energy of the sun, which has always been our ally in making fruit and vegetables ripen. On the roof of our warehouses in Marcon (Venice) we have installed a modern and efficient photovoltaic system, which allows us to be independent from the energy point of view. Here are some of our numbers for concrete sustainability:


Kilowatts of photovoltaic nominal power


Megawatts / year of clean energy produced


Megawatts / year of clean energy used


Megawatts / year of clean energy fed into the grid


tons of Co2 / year avoided


Equivalent of trees / year planted

Our certifications.

Global gap.

National Integrated Production Quality System (SQNPI).

Educational farms.

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