produttori di insalata - azienda agricola corradi

Corradi agricultural company.

A family firmly rooted in the land. Fields, greenhouses, orchards, an artisan workshop and a lot of passion. This is how naturally genuine Corradi products are born.

We are a modern agricultural company with roots firmly planted in tradition.

We have been cultivating the land for 3 generations: the vegetables and fruit that we harvest taste of effort and satisfaction, tradition and innovative choices, transparency and genuineness.

In our agricultural company we learn from the past and look to the future, including the planet: greenhouse to protect, experience to understand, the integrated struggle to give consumers simply good and healthy fruit and vegetables.

serre di insalata - azienda agricola corradi
coltivazione di pomodori - azienda agricola corradi

We care about the health of the earth.

In the fields, greenhouses and orchards we cultivate with respect for the land and its seasons. We have chosen to practice integrated pest management, a sustainable agricultural technique based on observation, prevention and the use of natural elements..

In fact, nature has in itself many elements of control and defense. We just need to study them, get to know them, observe and be able to wait.

Discover our artisan products.

The production of fruit and vegetable preserves is a choice that our family has made as a tribute to the goodness of nature and respect for seasonality. In fact, we have undertaken this path precisely to make the most of the harvests in their period of maximum organoleptic expression, to enjoy them throughout the year in preserves, jams, compotes, pastes, pasta and flours, made in a strictly artisanal way.

Bottega in Campo.

A sales point that was created inside the Corradi farm to offer you the freshness of just-picked fruit and vegetables.

The shop stands directly in our greenhouses in Marcon, in the Province of Venice. Like an “open kitchen”, our crops are there before everyone's eyes, to appreciate the working of the land, from sowing to harvest.

bottega in campo - negozio di frutta e verdura
pomodori bottega in campo

The 5 good reasons for buying on the farm.

The freshness.

A few hours pass from harvest to sale

The goodness.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are tastier and more nutrient-dense

The Respect for the land and the seasons.

We cultivate with techniques that are sustainable for the land and the environment

The Trust.

The greenhouses and fields are visible, we are the producers and this is our face

The Guarantee.

Safety on the traceability and healthiness of the product

Our artisan workshop.

In Loreggia, the village where our family originates, right next to the house where we were born, our brand new fruit and vegetable processing workshop is located.

produzione pomodori - azienda agricola corradi

A modern system customized just for us, to produce fruit jams, citrus jams, vegetable preserves, in oil and in vinegar vegetables, in an artisanal and rigorous way, in full compliance with regulations.

Traceability and food safety.

Being able to directly transform the harvest of the land we cultivate is a real privilege. It allows us to make the most of fruit and vegetables, harvesting them in their period of maximum organoleptic expression, thus having the certainty of using only genuine and healthy raw materials in the jars, grown with sustainable methods.

Our supply chain is very short and guaranteed by the highest quality standards. Each batch is tracked to allow traceability, in the name of maximum food safety.

Years of experience gained in the fresh-cut agri-food industry sector (ready-to-eat washed salads) have trained us to work every day in compliance with the strictest safety and hygiene protocols, to be able to give you an artisanal, genuine and safe product.

We sow environmental education.

We have chosen to devote time and energy to educating the new generations. In fact, we believe that being able to cultivate the land is a privilege because it allows us to be in contact with nature and its rhythms every day. This is why we open the doors of our company to local schools, with visits, courses and educational workshops recognized by the Veneto Region.

laboratori didattici azienda agricola corradi

Sustainability as a real choice.

What does being sustainable mean? It means making choices that take into consideration the environmental, social and economic aspects at the same time, without ever neglecting one to the detriment of the other. It is complex, but it is possible. From the choice of renewable energy to the attention to minimize the waste of resources. For example, thanks to our photovoltaic system installed in Marcon above the roof of our warehouses, we produce sustainable energy. How much do we produce? Here are the numbers:


Kilowatts of photovoltaic nominal power


Megawatts / year of clean energy produced


Megawatts / year of clean energy used


Megawatts / year of clean energy fed into the grid


tons of Co2 / year avoided


Equivalent of trees / year planted

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